Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Muslims lash Hindus in Bamangola, Malda for crossing their thoroughfare!

Is this new brand of secularism?

Muslim atrocities are on the rise in Northern part of Bengal and already myriad reports have been brought to the fore by Hindu Samhati to convey its extent but surely the recent incident of Charakdanga Colony village in Bamangola Block, Malda district outstrips those. The incident took place only in the last week.

A strange reality exists here as well. While Charakdanga Colony village, P.S. Bamangola is Hindu dominated, its closest neighbor, Duttapara village, is under the control of Muslims for decades and as a result, acrimony between the two villages exist, instigated by Islamic sentiments at times. Nevertheless, social communications do remain but Duttapara villagers don’t like Hindu visitors to that area, not to speak of Hindu aborigines there. Incidents of thrashing Hindus for evening walks there are not uncommon and the same happened this time too. But its magnitude was more severe than ever before.

Only in the last week, Sushil Pal, a local Hindu youth and known to be well-mannered, was instrumental to take his family members containing some females too towards Duttapara village for an evening walk. But hell fell on them the moment the group reached the outskirts of village. They were encircled by a group of Muslim hooligans having a few elders too and without wasting any time they started thrashing Sushil heavily. All male members suffered heavy injuries and a young Muslim boy accompanying the group was also not spared. Female members were humiliated and also molested. Tension increased vehemently as a result in the neighborhood leading to schism and clashes between the two villages.

Tension was so high that it refused to die down causing fright in the local administration even and the presence of Ramdayal Pal, influential CPM leader and also father of Sushil, stimulated Hindus for a fight. Due to his insistence, all Hindu leaders of different political parties like CPM, Congress, BJP have come to one group.

Tension in the area exists majorly.

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