Monday, February 17, 2014

Mob fury kills Bangladeshi cow smuggler in Cooch Behar

On February 6, 2014, a cow smuggler named Aminur Rahman (age 30) was killed by an irate mob, tired of escalating cow smuggling in the area and also the lackluster response of local administration to inhibit this ominous trade. The incident took place at the village of Hemkumari under the police station of Kuchilbari in Mekhligunj within the district of Cooch Behar adjacent to the international India-Bangladesh border. According to local police, slain Aminur Rahman is originally from Bangladesh and lived in Patgram there. The dead body, following post-mortem examination, was handed over to the Bangladeshi police through a flag meeting with Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) at Charbandha. Meanwhile, 4 persons, known to be involved in stealing a cow in the village of Nagar Bhagni of Dinhata, were handed over to local police. Police seized the vehicle used to smuggle cow as well.  

On the word of Anup Jaiswal, Superintendent of Police in Cooch Behar, a team comprising Bangladeshis entered the Indian mainland to appropriate and then smuggle cows into Bangladesh. However, local villagers caught one of them red-handed and the mob fury led to his death. The slain youth, later on, was identified as Aminur Rahman and a citizen of Bangladesh and hence, his body was transferred to the Border Guard of Bangladesh (BGB) after complying with official procedures.

But there are other facts as well and this was revealed after talking to villagers. In accordance with villagers, smuggling of cows has become a regular affair in the realm of bordering districts and whether it is North Bengal or South Bengal, the picture remains same and without doubt, the situation, thanks to administrative indifference or compulsions, is worsening steadily. And Mekhligunj in the district of Cooch Behar happens to be one of the worst affected areas.  

In accordance with villagers, a team of seven Bangladeshi cow smugglers entered the Indian soil through Kuchilbari border in the dead of night on February 6 and at 2 am they tried to barge in the village of Hemkumari. When locals got cautious and started to pour out of their residences in large numbers, all criminals tried to run away. When villagers chased the team, six of them could manage to cross the border and enter Bangladesh. One of them, as reported already, was caught red-handed and was thrashed in public leading to his death. However, villagers remained tight-lipped of the death. For that reason, even if local police of Kuchilbari patrolled the entire area, they couldn’t find out the slain body. It was found in the morning on Thursday.  

On February 7, locals in the village of Bhagni within Dinhata caught four people red-handed for stealing cows and following a good thrashing in public, two cows were recovered. Later, they were handed over to the local police.  But residents in the village of Hemkumari are found to be apprehensive of a lethal attack before long and according to them, cow smugglers, including six who had fled to Bangladesh, would come with lethal weapons for a reprisal. When asked of reasons behind such an apprehension, these types of attacks, after any failed attempt, was termed as common in the area. But at this time, instead of depending on police and BSF, villagers are preparing themselves to stave off any tragedy.  

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hindus in Kaliachak, Malda deflect bids to stop Surya Puja

On January 19, 2014, Nayagram Field within the jurisdiction of the police station of Kaliachak in the district of Malda, remained witness to an untoward development as Surya Puja (worship of Sun God) and the fair, organized by Hindus in the neighborhood as part of the veneration, there were dismantled by a large group of rowdy Muslim youths. The Puja as well as the fair has been going on for 40 years at a stretch. The problem started at 4 pm when the said pack of roughnecks living in Khottapara in nearby Baishnabnagar interrupted and harassed Hindu girls sleazily. It has also been learnt, at 4pm, while food-offering to the Holy Deity was being distributed among Hindu devotees, pebbles were hurled by the gang led by Rahul Sheikh, Sentarul Sheikh, Zakir Sheikh and Pintu Sheikh. Their sole intention was to stop the Puja, fair and also infuse fright among Hindus so that they would not dare to persist the Hindu ritual any longer. 

Local Hindu youths with members of the fair’s organizing committee organized a stiff resistance to the vandalism resulting in a wild confrontation between the two groups. Four youths including Jayanta Rabidas, Toton Ghosh, Biplab Mandal and Chandan Ghosh suffered heavy injuries. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Will police in Malda wake up and stop Love Jihad now?

On January 7, 2014, at 10 am, Ripa Mandal (age 17 years) was abducted by Sakim Shiekh (age 22 years) while she was going to her school. Ripa happens to be the student of Class IX at Mahammadia High Madrasa Bahadurpur and is the daughter of Atul Chandra Mandal living in Sundartala, within the jurisdiction of Post Office: Dulugram and Police Station: Kaliachak in the district of Malda. Sakim, on the other hand, is the son of Khurshed Sheikh inhabiting the village of Salehpur Dariapur within the same police station’s authority.  Even if the police appeared reluctant to deal with the case, a missing diary was filed on January 8. Once the disinclination of police was spotted, Atul started to find her daughter out all-alone and within the next few hours culpability of Sakim Sheikh came forth.   

After lots of endeavors, Ripa was found from the residence of Sakim on January 11. Atul Chandra Mandal went to Sakim’s residence alone but Ripa was not given to him. Instead, she was transferred to Nabiul Sheikh, an infamous criminal in the locality, and he brought Ripa to her residence. It has been learnt, Sakim married Ripa meanwhile and now Sakim’s family is asking Atul Mandal to recognize the marriage. The cudgel of responsibility to have Atul’s consent is on Nabiul Sheikh and he has been warning local Hindus with dire consequences if they dare to stir up public opinion. Tension prevails the area while local police remains apathetic to the reality.  Locals murmur that this Love Jihad has become a bane to teenage girls. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Another love jihad turns nightmare as victim returns to parents home bruised, beaten and tortured in Gazole, Malda

Baby Debnath, 29 years old lady and daughter of late Haren Chandra Debnath, is a resident of Arjunpur village under the jurisdiction of police station of Gazole in Malda district. The following is a harrowing tale of an innocent girl who has joined the bandwagon of unfortunate girls betrayed by the saga of love jihad. According to her own testimony, Mahbul Alam, son of Habiruddin Sarkar inhabiting the same village, promised her a job seven years back from today. Under his sway she went to several places under one false pretext or the other. She was also compelled to gratify his carnal desires that led to her pregnancy. When Baby confronted her with her situation, Mahbul assured to marry her and also to let her follow religion. Within the next few days, a nikahnama (Islamic marriage) took place where her name was changed to Baby Sultana without her own knowledge! But when she gave birth to a girl child dashing Mahbul’s hopes for a son, life quickly turned into a hell for her. 

Mahbul Alam, unlike her previous experiences, appeared as a tyrant now. He brushed aside his solemn promises made before marriage and asked Baby to convert into Islam. This was just the beginning and with each passing day, this pressure continued to rise. Whenever she refused to convert to a Muslim, Baby was thrashed mercilessly. Mahbul was equally helped by Maleka Bibi, Mahbul’s mother, and the joint atrocity knew no bounds for poor Baby. At last, she gave in and agreed for conversion. But this accord failed to impress Mahbul; he was more interested to dispose of Baby. He planned to take Baby to another state and sell her off to the flesh trade. When Baby heard Mahbul to discuss this secret plan to someone in telephone, she refused to accompany him. Thus began the second spate of inhuman torture for Baby and she was completely devastated both mentally and physically. It was around 10.30 pm on 25th May when Mahbul started to batter Baby with a large wooden stick that had thorns made of iron. She sustained heavy injuries but even this failed to evoke any sympathy; Mahbul went on admonishing and even attempted to strangulate her. She was also told to consume poison and free Mahbul. To save herself, shattered Baby Debnath returned to her paternal residence next day after a gap of several years. She was admitted to Gazole hospital by her relatives. Later, a formal complaint was lodged by her against Mahbul Alam to the police station of Gajol demanding justice. But no interrogation has taken place yet as Mahbul Alam is an influential leader of Trinamool Congress in the locality.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Will there be any justice for Bhetku?

Bhetku Singh, the lone wage earner for his impoverished family was found dead under mysterious situation in the residence of Mohammed Imul on July 4, 2013. Both happen to be residents of the same village: Katna, P.S. Karandighi, P.O. Madargachi, Distirct: Dinajpur (North) and Behtku like his father Haladhar Singh worked both as a cultivator and manual laborer. Known as submissive and helpful to others, Bhetku was found hanging from ceiling in Mohammed Imul’s residence. The incident has not only stunned the whole village but has brought forth a few questions as well. The first of these happens to be his purpose at the residence of Imul, local contractor.  

It is known to all in Katna that Bhetku went to New Delhi recently with Imul as laborer and after spending a few months there, he came back to the village. But the relation between them had soured by then.  Village sources reveal that a rupture took place between the two; Imul had to pay Bhetku a good amount of money still for the job in Delhi but was buying time only. Bhetku used to visit Imul’s home at regular intervals but used to return empty-handed always. None in the village knows what went wrong ultimately but Tapan Das (son of Binoy Das) residing in Madargachi was seen on the same day to take Bhetku to the residence of Mohammed Imul. Tapan left once they reached Imul’s house but as per him, Hussain Ali, Mohammed Zamul, Mohammed Skeikh Shadim were already present there. All in the village are confident that Imul and his associates were solely responsible to strangulate innocent Bhetku and hang him from the ceiling later on.

Even if the family members of slain Bhetku along with villagers are sure of this tragic development, they can’t do anything else owing to their extreme poverty. Wife of Bhektu went to the local police station along with her father-in-law Haladhar Singh to lodge a complaint. But they were just banished from there. Allegedly police told them that they had hardly any time to deal with such insignificant issues during Panchayat election. Despondent family members of Bhetku are wiping away tears now. It has been learnt, no official complaint in this regard has been lodged to the local police station yet. Perhaps Indian democracy has no time for Bhetku, deprived man representing underprivileged people only. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Unified resistance in Roygunj forbids Islamists

Tangra, located in No 7 Shitgram, Roygunj block, North Dinajpur district, is a nondescript Hindu majority village although a few more than a dozen Badia Muslim families have been residing there. The main road to the local crematorium is beside an area where the Muslims are in a majority. A local mosque is located some 50 metres from the road and is frequented by local Muslims for years now. Recently, a move to relocate the mosque to a place much closer to the road caused uproar among the Hindu families as they perceived this as an attempt to prohibit access to the crematorium. Their apprehension is reportedly based on past experiences where their fears have come true. 

What followed was a proactive defense by Hindus, the intensity of which troubled the local police and administration. To evolve a truce, a meeting was convened in the office of the block development officer of Roygunj, comprising representatives of both communities. Hindus present there protested vehemently against the scheme of erecting a new mosque beside the road leading to the crematorium. In face of a united show by the members of the Hindu community, the administration was left with no choice but to firmly rule that no such new construction would be allowed.The joint struggle has turned Hindus in village of Tangra into a cohesive unit ready to thwart repetation of incident like this.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hooligans thrash Hindu traders in Roygunj

Cloth traders Palash  Bhattacharjee and Padma Bhattacharjee, residents of Bhatol village, P.S. Roygunj, North Dinajpur district of West Bengal were thrashed by  Aziz Ansari, Kalam Ansari, Chalua Ansari. It has been learnt that Aziz and his associates are land dealings agents and the Bhattacharjee brothers had used their help to buy a land in the village a few years back. They had paid the requisite dealer's fee to the agency and had since transformed the land to a glossy shop. However, on 4th of July, at around 8 pm, Kalam Ansari along with Chalua and Aziz went to the newly made shop of Palash and Padma to have the remaining part of agency fee that they claimed were still due. When Padma Bhattacharjee refused to pay them anymore citing that they did not owe them anymore, a tussle started between the two groups and within a short time, all three of them, backed by a few criminals who were waiting outside the shop for an opportunity, pounced down on the two brothers.

While the shop was ransacked, both Palash and Padma were thrashed brutally. Padma had Rs, 14, 000 in his purse that was grabbed by the thugs along with other goods. To save the situation and also his two elder brothers, Tapas Bhattacharjee phoned a few Hindu youths in the area but by the time they reached the shop, Kalam Ansari and his gang had already fled. Padma Bhattacharjee has been admitted to Roygunj Sadar Hospital in a critical condition while his family members have lodged an FIR (No. 624) dated 04.07.2013 under sections 448, 323, 379 of the Indian Penal Code. Even though the police has visited the place, attackers are roaming in the area freely without fear of prosecution.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

South Dinajpur district Imams demand steep increase in monthly allowance

Despite being provided Rs. 2,500 as monthly allowance, Imams across Bengal appear dissatisfied by the entitlements. Recently, a district conference was organized by Imams at Bilaspur High Madrasa in Karandighi Block of Dinajpur (South) district on 29th May as a show of dissatisfaction. The conference went on from 10 am to 5 pm and was attended by a thousand Imams and Maulavis. Their first and foremost demand was to press the government to increase their monthly package to Rs. 10,000. The meeting was presided by Mr. Abdul Azad from Murshidabad, chief secretary of the organization. Several members of the organization announced that an application in this regard had already been sent to chief minister Mamata Banerjee and that the struggle of Imams to increase the monthly payment will go on.

Source: Uttar Banga Sambad – May 30, 2013 

Initiative to stop improper and commercial use of national emblems commences in Siliguri

Society against Misuse of Revered Figures has initiated a major public campaign and in this regard, they met Mr. K. Jayaraman, Commissioner of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police, on 31st May. They sought his intervention to stop desecration of Hindu gods and goddesses for commercial benefits. On the word of Ratan Banik, founder member of the organization and also lawyer by profession, a section of package manufacturers is being found to use sanctified symbols of Dharma and also of India on the packets of different useful goods. And people are trampling those unconsciously.  

Apart from individual counseling, a drive to make people conscious of the same is also going on at the moment.  Members of the society claimed that a design has been hatched to desecrate hallowed emblems of India like Ashok Stambh, Ashok Chakra and several other symbols of national honor. Accordingly, they asked Commissioner of the Siliguri Metropolitan Police to adopt stern measures against all those deliberately dishonoring national icons. Mr. Jayaraman assured members of the society that each and every feature in this context would be checked.

Source: Uttar Banga Sambad – June 1, 2013

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Muslim radicals seize Hindu property in Kaliachak, Malda

Muslim radicals in the realm of Malda, due to rising incapacity of indigenous administration, know no bounds and hence, their devilish intentions to ravage or seize Hindu properties illegally remain unabated.

A minor Hindu family living in village: Silampur, P.S. Kaliachak, District: Malda is experiencing the same brunt at the moment. Their own garden of mangos (worth 30 cottahs) has been occupied by local Islamists and even after repeated pleas (and almost a month has passed already) of Hindus the police is yet to nab the culprits.

On April 8, 2013, at night, a band of local Islamists enclosed the aforementioned garden belonging to Rajkumar Saha, a Hindu individual living in village: Silampur for decades. The goons have built a thatched hut within the garden while the entire property is being guarded by a group, containing more than 25, of Muslim radicals. The entire attack took place under the leadership of Salil Sheikh, an infamous Islamist in the locality.

An FIR in detail was filed at P.S. Kaliachak; police called Muslims for a steady resolution to the problem. But there has been no response yet. Islamists appeared only for once and dared the police stating that no such call bothered them.

The impasse continues and Rajkumar is paying the price for being a Hindu in Bengal.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Maulavis rape Hindu girl student in Jalpaiguri

Sorcery is a belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world and myriad instances prove that any such experiment casts a doom on the very individual. A Hindu girl student of Class VII at Jayasree Tea Garden, P.S. Madarihat, Block – Alipur, District: Jalpaiguri has become the victim of such a felonious design; she was raped by two Maulavis or sorcerers.

This ghastly incident took place on March 28, 2013 at 9.30 am when the aforesaid two Maulavis or sorcerers visited the house of hapless Hindu child. The two Muslim radicals informed the girl’s mother (Hembala Barman) that their magical prowess could better the girl student’s performances in subjects like English and Mathematics. Such an assurance energized the impoverished Hindu family (bereaved of father).  

To fetch both water and oil, essential for the black magic, Hembala went to her neighbor’s house and meanwhile, the two Islamists grabbed the girl student. Getting helpless before such an assault, the Hindu girl started screaming helplessly. Hembala, hearing it, rushed to her residence only to find ravishment of her innocent daughter.  She, in order to save her daughter, attacked both Islamists with a hard and long stick and both got wounded.  

All these were enough to raise a hue and cry among Hindus but local political pressure proved to be more dominant through subduing the Hindu grievance. Hembala was prevented from moving to the local police station, let alone filing an FIR. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will Hindu temples in Malda cease to exist?

Hindu temples in Malda, premier district in Bengal, have become latest target of burglars and with each day it passes, more and more temples are becoming victims to theft while the administration continues to witness the horrid episode helplessly. Only on the night of January 22, 2013, four temples became victims raising the number of thefts to 12 in the last 4 days.

According to sources, during the night of January 22, 2013, the 300-year-old Bura Kali temple, located in the Kalitala area, was robbed. While the temple is at a few yards away from the office of Krishnendu Chowdhury, reigning Minister of Tourism, Bengal and also chairman of English Bazaar Municipality, it is close to district party offices of both CPI and CPIM as well. The lock of the temple was found completely broken in the following morning; gold ornaments with valuables, including Khadaga of Devi Kali made of 1 kg. silver and box containing offerings of Hindu devotees, were also stolen. If the words of Bhattacharya Mahashaya (priest in the temple) are believed, the loss exceeds at least Rs. 10 lakhs.

On the same night two more Kali temples and one Devi Manasa temple positioned in Baluchar area suffered the same fate.      

On the night of January 19, 2013, five more Hindu temples, located at various parts of the Malda town, were victimized such and as per available reports, ornaments with valuables looted from temples worth Rs. 5 lakhs.

The administration is yet to respond firmly even if three police teams, reportedly, are patrolling the entire town during night.  

Who is behind this wicked design? Even if police and administration appears to remain innocent, substantial evidences prove that Muslim radicalism is being given a free rein in Malda. And it has become stronghold of illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh by and large. All these factors stimulate Islamic fundamentalism to raise its head posing a grave threat to Indian integrity fast. Hindus temples in Malda have become the first casualty of Muslim radicalism, hence.   

(Hindu Temple in Malda) 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

North Bengal appreciating Hindu Samhati’s worth fast

The recent visit of Bikarna Naskar, valiant youth leader of Hindu Samhati, to Raiganj, North Bengal has played a successful and imperative role in expanding the organization into the northern tract of Bengal.

Bikarna presided two meetings at Itahar and Bhatol – both in Raiganj, District: North Dinajpur where hundreds of Hindus ignoring the chill wind attended the meetings. A large number of issues regarding anguish (remaining submerged due to absence of any strong Hindu organization before) of Hindus living there came forth – ranging from rising arrogance of Muslims, how they are persecuting Hindus in various areas using weird silence of police and administration to mounting trafficking of Hindu women, economic exploitation of Hindus – all were discussed with gravity.

Hindus present in the meeting found a new hope in Bikarna and Hindu Samhati. Hindu Samhati vows to struggle for Hindus.

How are Hindus in North Bengal? Gone are the days when Hindus used to enjoy preponderance owing to their numerical majority and economic success in the region; the lot has changed a great deal because of fast demographic changes and surge in economic reservations for Muslims.       

All these changes have stimulated Muslims highly; they are even found to threaten Hindus openly.         

1 Bihari Muslim individual had fled with a Hindu girl of late; the incident took place in village: Maharaja, P.S. Raiganj. But intense pressures of Muslims forced Hindus to evade filing an official complaint to the nearby police station. How hapless they are became evident when Hindu Samhati team, led by Bikarna Naskar, went to have a talk with them.

The family didn’t have the courage to talk with Bikarna owing fearing next-door Muslims.

Hindu Samhati has begun its struggle for Hindus living in this area. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Muslim activist of outlawed SIMI threatening Hindu Headmaster in Karandighi, North Dinajpur

Even if a radical Muslim outfit is banned, its activists do not face any trouble to work anywhere in India thanks to weird democratic prevailing the country. The story may seem unusual to many but the Hindu Headmaster of Pouti High School, P.S. Karandighi, District: North Dinajpur is having brunt of the same.

The revered Headmaster, Mr. Sudeb Chandra Majumder, is being threatened by Sikander (infamous for being a SIMI activist far and wide), turned into a Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader by now, of dire consequences all the time these days. The reason may appear to be quite flimsy – Pouti High School, led by Mr. Majumder, has decided to have Rs. 120 as annual admission fee for Class V to Class XII.

Nevertheless, the decision has irked the new political boss in the neighborhood, Sikander, who considers the school committee’s decision as a serious challenge to his political clout in the area. As per fresh reports, Sikander left no stone unturned to prevent the Headmaster from going on with the decision (no formal protest has been launched by the school students or their guardians yet) and when all measures failed, Sikander started to threaten the Headmaster directly (either through phone or through his own network of criminals).

Sikander is linked to all sorts of anti-social activities including women trafficking. 

Regular threats by Sikander have left the Headmaster aghast; he is not alone in this context – Hindus in the area are also panicked. And the extent of panic is such that the Headmaster didn’t have the courage to file an FIR against the Muslim criminal. 

Dr. Akhil Majumder, respected doctor in the locality, decided to file the official complaint for the Headmaster and at that time a good number of people joined him too.

But, police or local administration is yet to adopt any strict measure against Sikander; he is acting likewise in its absence.

Hindus have lost faith on the administration.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Rape, Trafficking of Hindu Women Rampant in Tea Gardens of Jalpaiguri

Hindu workers are living in an abject poverty in tea gardens in North Bengal; they are being deprived of basic amenities and are also getting victims to the rising tentacles of Islamic fundamentalism. It has come to knowledge, Hindu workers in the tea plantations are having a wage of Rs. 95 (at best) daily – an unbelievable wage structure (if vehemently rising market prices are kept in mind) to enable a single individual to live healthily, not to speak of maintaining an entire family.

What do they do in case of illness? Hapless Hindus have no other option other than moving to nearest urban centres to get the basic treatment; neither the tea estates provide any such facility nor there is any such planning with them (at the moment) for the future.

To make the story worse, Hindu families, especially their womenfolk, are becoming easy preys of lusts of Muslims. The number of Muslim laborers has risen exponentially in the last few years and if secret reports of various organizations are counted on, their thumping increase is stimulating owners of tea gardens to be unsupportive to the Hindu workers. 

The pathetic experience of Priyanka Kiro, daughter of A. Kiro, is not an eye-opener only but is enough to send a shudder through the spine also. The innocent Hindu girl was virtually raped by a Muslim goon, named Ashfaq, at Rahimabad tea estate in Dooars (District: Jalpaiguri) a week before the last Kalipuja. Even if the aged father tried his best to get support from police, he is yet to have any and Priyanka remains shell shock until now.

As per our studies, this is not any stray incident but is becoming a regular feature almost. About five years back, one daughter of the same family had been molested by Muslim crooks and at that time too, administration denied to extend any support to the wretched family.

It’s getting dangerous for Hindu women to save their dignity in Rahimabad tea estate along with in several other estates. While on one hand, fear of violation by Muslim culprits reigns supreme among Hindu women, women’s trafficking (of Hindu women in particular) has reached an all-time high in the area. Local people have confirmed that Muslim agents are increasing their strengths by leaps and bounds, enticing helpless Hindu women by promising them good jobs but are selling them to brothels across India for Rs 80,000 to 1,20,000 rupees each ultimately.
Hindu Samhari regularly monitors and reports violations against Hindus in West Bengal. We also work with both governmental and NGO agencies for proper education on protection and ensure remedies to the Hindu populace as per prevailing law of the land.