Thursday, January 10, 2013

North Bengal appreciating Hindu Samhati’s worth fast

The recent visit of Bikarna Naskar, valiant youth leader of Hindu Samhati, to Raiganj, North Bengal has played a successful and imperative role in expanding the organization into the northern tract of Bengal.

Bikarna presided two meetings at Itahar and Bhatol – both in Raiganj, District: North Dinajpur where hundreds of Hindus ignoring the chill wind attended the meetings. A large number of issues regarding anguish (remaining submerged due to absence of any strong Hindu organization before) of Hindus living there came forth – ranging from rising arrogance of Muslims, how they are persecuting Hindus in various areas using weird silence of police and administration to mounting trafficking of Hindu women, economic exploitation of Hindus – all were discussed with gravity.

Hindus present in the meeting found a new hope in Bikarna and Hindu Samhati. Hindu Samhati vows to struggle for Hindus.

How are Hindus in North Bengal? Gone are the days when Hindus used to enjoy preponderance owing to their numerical majority and economic success in the region; the lot has changed a great deal because of fast demographic changes and surge in economic reservations for Muslims.       

All these changes have stimulated Muslims highly; they are even found to threaten Hindus openly.         

1 Bihari Muslim individual had fled with a Hindu girl of late; the incident took place in village: Maharaja, P.S. Raiganj. But intense pressures of Muslims forced Hindus to evade filing an official complaint to the nearby police station. How hapless they are became evident when Hindu Samhati team, led by Bikarna Naskar, went to have a talk with them.

The family didn’t have the courage to talk with Bikarna owing fearing next-door Muslims.

Hindu Samhati has begun its struggle for Hindus living in this area. 

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