Monday, January 7, 2013

Muslim activist of outlawed SIMI threatening Hindu Headmaster in Karandighi, North Dinajpur

Even if a radical Muslim outfit is banned, its activists do not face any trouble to work anywhere in India thanks to weird democratic prevailing the country. The story may seem unusual to many but the Hindu Headmaster of Pouti High School, P.S. Karandighi, District: North Dinajpur is having brunt of the same.

The revered Headmaster, Mr. Sudeb Chandra Majumder, is being threatened by Sikander (infamous for being a SIMI activist far and wide), turned into a Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader by now, of dire consequences all the time these days. The reason may appear to be quite flimsy – Pouti High School, led by Mr. Majumder, has decided to have Rs. 120 as annual admission fee for Class V to Class XII.

Nevertheless, the decision has irked the new political boss in the neighborhood, Sikander, who considers the school committee’s decision as a serious challenge to his political clout in the area. As per fresh reports, Sikander left no stone unturned to prevent the Headmaster from going on with the decision (no formal protest has been launched by the school students or their guardians yet) and when all measures failed, Sikander started to threaten the Headmaster directly (either through phone or through his own network of criminals).

Sikander is linked to all sorts of anti-social activities including women trafficking. 

Regular threats by Sikander have left the Headmaster aghast; he is not alone in this context – Hindus in the area are also panicked. And the extent of panic is such that the Headmaster didn’t have the courage to file an FIR against the Muslim criminal. 

Dr. Akhil Majumder, respected doctor in the locality, decided to file the official complaint for the Headmaster and at that time a good number of people joined him too.

But, police or local administration is yet to adopt any strict measure against Sikander; he is acting likewise in its absence.

Hindus have lost faith on the administration.

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