Friday, June 29, 2012

Hindu housewife raped in Farakka

Islamist culprit- Charu Sheikh – escaping   

That Hindus are not secure in the realm of District: Murshidabad has been revealed once more – a Hindu housewife, dwelling in village: Bhairavdanga (within Bahadurpur), P.S. Farakka, has been raped by an Islamist, Charu Sheikh, Dafadar by profession and also a well-known activist of Congress  party in the vicinity.

It has been learnt that the ghastly incident took place on June 26, 2012, at noon, when the said lady, mother of two kids and also member of a self-help group, on account of a brawl with her husband, was going towards Ballalpur bridge to lodge a formal complaint in the local police station. When she was near the Aabla bridge, Charu Sheikh, riding a motorcycle, appeared there and asked her where she was going. Hearing her purpose, Charu Sheikh offered her a help – the Hindu woman was free to use his motorbike to reach police station easily and faster. Charu called her as aunty; hence, she had nothing to be wary of.

The entire stretch of road is indeed noiseless and is covered by extensive lands of jute on each side.

Suddenly, Charu stopped the motorbike and started to drag her to an adjoining field of jute. The Hindu housewife pleaded (repeatedly) with him to stop and even tried her best to raise an alarm. But the very area happens to be far from the nearest locality; hence, she couldn’t prevent the Islamist and Charu Sheikh admonishing her highly (of harming her along with her children extremely) raped her again and again.

Only when Charu left the area, the Hindu housewife could get along and walked for miles till she met an individual of her own village. She went back to her village and on the next day, in the early morning, she lodged a complaint against Charu Sheikh of violating her modesty in P.S. Farakka all alone.

Like other incidents of rapes of Hindu housewives, thanks to police’s animosity, Charu is running scared at the moment. There is another most frightful aspect – police is yet to arrange a medical examination of the victim – the Hindu housewife.  


  1. this is the right way of giving punishment to too much innocent hindu housewives

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