Friday, November 9, 2012

Administration attempts to grab temple land in Gangarampur, Dinajpur (South)

Hindus in legal battle

Keshabpur happens to be an obscure place in Gangarampur Block, District: Dinajpur (South) and remains under the purview of P.S. Gangarampur. The area enjoys a Hindu-majority for centuries and contains almost 20 Muslim families. But the same area turned out to be a hotbed of conflicts on Id-ul-Fiter (August 20 – Monday) following a weird decision of administration to permit Muslims perform namaz in an extensive yet vacant field worth 2 acres 42 shatak. No namaz was ever performed there but administration permitted Muslims in this year to go on with the same.

It is to be noted, a Shiva temple does also exist alongside the vast tract and Hindus, hence, were not ready to bear violation of the temple’s sanctity in any way. Hindus, unlike others areas in Bengal, grouped soon and when they asked police the reason behind it, it had no other way expect to evade.

To quell the situation and also mounting anger of Hindus, topmost officials of administration including District Magistrate (DM), ADM, SDO and SDPO rushed to the spot (on the same day). In the ensuing meeting at P.S. Gangarampur, DM asked Hindus regarding outburst of emotions and every word spoken by him did contain ridicule to the Hindus and their mindsets. Even if DM’s rude behavior was enough to annoy Hindus, they did not walk out.

However, when the District Magistrate stated that 7 shatak land from the vast tract would be handed over to the temple committee to carry on their religious rituals (Puja), Hindus got shocked and burst into protest afterward. Adivasi (aboriginal people) Hindus also protested strongly; even if the DM cautioned them of dire consequences, Hindus did not back out.

The issue is contentious still; Hindus have lodged a case (WP No. 21656) in the court and it’s going on. 

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  1. It is a conspiracy,struggle for the protection of the Place with all available Hindus.

    Subharthi Mandal.
    (BARUIPUR)(s) 24 Parganas